FMMAI has introduced medical suspensions for fighters in India. It has been done keeping in mind the importance of their health and safety. Fighters who have been knocked out or suffered other head injuries are at risk of serious brain damage if they don’t refrain from training, and medical suspensions can help to give their brains time to heal.

The length of a medical suspension will vary depending on the severity of the injury. Fighters who have been knocked out may be suspended for up to 90 days. Fighters who have suffered multiple knockouts or other serious head injuries may be suspended for even longer.

In addition to protecting the fighter’s health, medical suspensions can also help to ensure that they are fit to fight. Fighters who return to the ring too soon after an injury are at risk of further injury. Medical suspensions help to ensure that fighters have had enough time to recover and are ready to compete safely.

By following the guidelines for medical suspensions, FMMAI can help to ensure that fighters are able to compete safely and without risk of serious injury. Fighters who violate a medical suspension can be fined or even have their license revoked.

In addition to the suspension, FMMAI also provides fighters with a protocol for safe return to training. The Goal of this protocol is safe return to Combat Sports training & eventually competitions without risking exacerbating symptoms.

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