Event Sanctioning

What GAMMA-India offers when it sanctions an event:

  1. Safety: GAMMA-India sets strict rules and regulations concerning fighter safety. For example, we mandate medical clearance, protective gear, and record updating in Tapology. These measures serve to protect fighters from unnecessary harm.
  2. Legitimacy: Sanctioning by GAMMA-India lends credibility to an MMA event. It’s a seal of approval that assures fans the fights will be fair and the fighters will compete under world-class rules and regulations.
  3. Exposure: Sanctioning by GAMMA-India will attract media coverage and exposure for the fighters involved. It would also serve as a stepping stone for the fighters, who may use the exposure to take their careers to the next level.
  4. Regulation: Prohibiting unregulated MMA events eliminates the possibility of shady promoters and fixed fights, which is a problem in the underground fight club scene.
  5. Sport development: The sanctioning of an MMA event by GAMMA-India can contribute to the development of the sport. It creates a framework for the development of talent, competitions, and the overall business of MMA.
  6. Professionalization of the sport: Sanctioning of MMA events helps to professionalize the sport. GAMMA-India ensures that fighters are paid fairly, treated correctly, and that the rules are adhered to, all of which contribute to its professionalization, making it more appealing to sponsors, fans, and investors.

In order to get receive sanctioning for events from GAMMA India, your promotion will have to fulfill below mentioned requirements

  1. Pay a Sanctioning fees : 10,000/-
  2. Matchmaking fees (OPTIONAL) : 3,000/-
    • A competition grade Fighting surface (Cage/Ring) must be used. The same will have to be cleared by safety inspectors appointed by GAMMA India.
    • The promotion must ensure medical personnel is available for pre-fight medical on the day of fights. An ambulance, 2 doctors (1 ring side and 1 post fight check) and additional medical staff must be present during the entire duration of fight night. Attached please find the Medical Partners Roles & Responsibilities & the mandatory Medical Form (to be filled by a doctor) and self-assessment questionnaire.
    • Promoter must ensure enough ice is available for athletes to use during rest between rounds and post-fight.
    • Vaseline must be provided by promoter which will be applied on fighters by qualified staff.
    • Volunteer/ Housekeeping to clean the cage/ring floor between bouts.
    • Promotion must arrange for a place to do pre fight rule briefing and also ensure all participants and their coaches are present during the briefing. (Can be done at the venue)
    • For all Amateur bouts, Weigh in will be on the day of the fight and not on the previous day
    • Barricading the competition area is compulsory. Movement around the cage will be restricted to predetermined number of individuals
    • Medical Suspensions will be handed out to competing athletes from GAMMA India, in conjunction with the ring/cage side medical team, as per the outcome of the fights to ensure safety of the fighters and to prevent any long-term damage that may occur to them. These medical suspensions are irrevocable and non-negotiable.
  4. RULES AND REGULATIONS: All bouts shall follow GAMMA India rules for Mixed Martial Arts. For complete Rules and Regulations Handbook, please visit the Rules page
    • GAMMA India will compulsorily have 5 ring side officials (3 Judges, 1 Referee, 1 Chief Judge) and will need at least 10 volunteers (1 Time Keeper, 1 Pat Down Inspector, 2 green room inspectors, 4 Marshals & 2 runners). The volunteers can be appointed by the promotion but will be required for briefing by GAMMA India Technical head prior to the event.
    • The promotion will have to pay for travel (minimum 3AC Train tickets), accommodation, local transport and meals for the 5 Ring side officials.
    • At any given bout no official will be in any relation with competing fighter.
    • The referees and Judges are nominated by GAMMA India WITHOUT any interference by the promotion to ensure fair play.
    • All our officials are certified by the international governing body GAMMA or the national body GAMMA India and are well versed and trained to execute the rules and regulations as per sanctions.
    • All officials will wear GAMMA India uniform only and shall not use sponsor or promoter logo on uniforms.
    • Promotion may finalize the list of participants.
    • GAMMA India is willing to assist the promotion in matchmaking. There will be an additional fees of 3000/- for this purpose.

To get an event sanctioned by GAMMA-India, contact us using the below form.