About GAMMA-India

GAMMA-India is an organization that regulates and governs amateur & professional MMA fights in India. Formed in 2019, GAMMA-India is a Non-Profit Organization affiliated to GAMMA (Global Association for MMA) and was founded by like minded individuals, thought leaders and experienced professionals from the field of MMA and Media. It sets rules and regulations that ensure the safety of fighters and maintains fairness, unbiased results, and credible rankings. It also works with promoters, fighters, and officials to ensure the promotion and growth of the sport worldwide. GAMMA-India has a pan-India presence and is playing a significant role in shaping the sport of MMA in India. GAMMA-India hosts high-profile events, showcase top fighters, and offer substantial prize money to attract top talent. Overall, it aims to protect the integrity of the sport while promoting it to a broader audience.

GAMMAI Pattaya