MMA World Championship, 2019, Singapore

GAMMAI Team India not only surprised the audience with their spectacular performance but also send out a strong message to the other teams that weren’t to be taken lightly.
The underdog, GAMMAI Team India managed to secure 7 medals (3 Silver, 4 Bronze) and also win the hearts of the GAMMA officials and One Championship staff.

The medal winners were as follows:

  1. Sumit Bhyan : Silver medal in the 70.3 kg male category.
  2. Mandeep : Bronze medal in the -52 kg male category. 
  3. Shivaraj Basappa: Silver medal in the -52kg male category
  4. Divya Nagraj: Silver medal in the +72 g female category. 
  5. Kiran Naik: Bronze medal in the -72kg female category
  6. Priya Saini: Bronze medal in the -52 kg female category.
  7. Akshata Khadtare: Bronze medal in the -47 kg female category