• The GAMMA-India MMA National Open Championship will be held in Bangalore at FITON Sports from 23rd – 26th March. This will also be the official selection for Team GAMMA-India for GAMMA Asian Championship in Kyrgyzstan from 21-26 July 2021. The National Championship is open to all athletes from all clubs, states and zones.
  • Schedule:
    • 20th March: Registration closes on SportData
    • 23rd March: Registration of athletes from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
    • 24th to 26th March: Weigh-ins at 8:00 am and bouts will start at 12:00 am.
  • Venue: FITON Sports (map)
  • Fees: Fighter Registration fees (valid for this event only) : 2000/-
  • Registration : All registrations will be via Sportdata (LINK). Use the steps given in the REGISTRATION page. Last date of Registration or changes to Registration is March 20th. No entries post 20th March or on venue at tournament date will be taken. Also please note that only complete registration with photographs will be counted. All athletes have to report on 23rd March for Medical Check and Medical Form submission and Weight Control.
  • Keeping in mind the current global situation and safety of all athletes and officials involved, it is mandatory for all athletes to produce a Negative RT-PCR report (no more than 72 hours earlier) at the time of Final Registration. No exceptions will be made and will enforce this unapologetically.
  • For further Information, you can download the PDF attached below or contact your zonal heads here.
All GAMMA-India officials have successfully completed the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts Referee and Judges course and also officiated at the 2019 GAMMA World Championship. As part of our ongoing efforts to remove any uncertainties from upcoming tournaments in India & to ensure fair play to all, GAMMAI will ensure that all aspiring Mixed Martial Arts Officials in India start attending a standardized training system to keep up with changing trends. This training program will be held as per the Regulations laid out by Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts and their Rule set. The objective of this seminar is to empower the Indian MMA community, providing a sustainable and inclusive platform for the development of young athletes, judges, referees, and MMA enthusiasts.
  • Schedule: 23rd March, 11:00 AM onwards
  • Venue: Reign MMA (map)
  • Fees: 3000/-
  • Registration: All registrations will be via Sportdata (LINK). Use the steps given in the REGISTRATION page.
  • For further details, download the below attached PDF and contact your zonal heads here
GAMMAI Official Seminar

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