The GAMMA-India National Championship will be held at Mumbai, Maharashtra, from 21st to 24th of October, 2021. This National Championship will also be used to select Team India athletes for the 2021 World MMA Championship to be held in Berlin, Germany, from 7th to 12 December, 2021.

National Selections will be held for 2 disciplines: Mixed Martial Arts and Striking Mixed Martial Arts. Rules for each discipline can be read in the RULES page here.

The weight categories for the participants are given here.

To Register:

To register, athletes will have to create an account in SPORTDATA (Link). Registration method is detailed in the REGISTRATION page here.

Individuals can compete in any one or both events. Registration fees are as follows:

  1. For clubs affiliated with GAMMA-India
    1. 1200/- for any 1 event
    2. 1500/- for both events
  2. For clubs not affiliated with GAMMA-India
    1. 1500/- for any 1 event
    1. 2000/- for both events

For club affiliation check the details on AFFILIATION page here.

All athletes need to submit physical copies of ESSENTIAL DOCUMENTS on the 1st day of the event.

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